Torrent is a housing concept based on the “slow life” philosophy, designed to enjoy a peaceful way of life in harmony with the natural environment of the Empordà (Costa Brava).

The perfect place to live…

The property is made up of three cubes connected by glass walkways. Through these “green corridors” the interior-exterior boundaries are blurred, allowing for more intimate contact with nature, providing a source of life and tranquillity.

The interior design perfectly integrates rustic furnishings, reflecting nature, and modern design, with large floor-to-ceiling windows.

The visual continuity of the spaces, as well as their luminosity and energy, are the result of this exterior/interior flow. The spaces, connected by glass corridors, also have openings to green inner courtyards that further accentuate the idea of bringing nature indoors.

The materials, textures and finishes stand out because they are environmentally friendly. The predominance of neutral tones provides a sense of peace and serenity.